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Are you planning your wedding for 2018?

You are going to want to have us come along and make sure we capture the event for you with our Ultra High Definition video drone. We can give you a fully edited video and high definition photographs that you won’t be able to get without a drone. Let us know what you would like and we can work out a package to suit you.

To make sure we are available for your date please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We may already be booked for your date or it may be that your chosen venue isn’t suitable for aerial photography, just send us a message or give us a call to find out.

We know weddings can be expensive and difficult to budget for so we have a variety of payment options you can use to make juggling the finances easier. For example, you could pay a deposit then payment in full before your wedding, as you do for most things for your wedding. Alternatively, you could opt for no deposit and spread the payments monthly right up to just before your wedding, or a mixture of the two.

Just give us a call and we can tailor something to suit you but do it soon or your date might not be available!

Here are some links that might help you decide if drone wedding photography and video are for you:

Drone Wedding Photography: Everything You Need to Know


Drone Wedding Photography: Everything You Need to Know

This article from Hitched.co.uk gives you everything you need to know about drone wedding photography.  There is a link at the bottom of the page to their drone directory to help you find a competent provider. They didn’t have any in Scotland when we looked so if you are in Scotland you will have to rummage around the internet for yourself, or give us a call. Click the smiley.

Here’s the article.

Forget any preconceptions you have of drones being toy planes for adults who refuse to grow up – drone wedding photography has been on the rise for quite some time now and it’s not exactly hard to see why.

Thanks to the ever changing world of technology, today’s drones can capture truly spectacular aerial wedding photographs that you’ll want to treasure forever. However, just as you would ask your wedding photographer questions, there’s certain things you need to know about hiring a wedding drone.

We spoke to the expert team at Drone Safe Register, a national database with a directory of approved drone pilots, who reveal everything you need to know about hiring a drone for your wedding:

Drone wedding photography

Image credit: Drone Safe Register

What is a drone?

A drone is simply an unmanned aircraft. These image-capturing aircrafts can film and photograph from a unique aerial perspective, providing high quality cinematic footage and photos to treasure forever. Drones are increasingly becoming a ‘must-have’, to help capture those unforgettable wedding moments.

Why are they ideal for weddings?

Drones can be a fantastic option to consider when you choose your wedding videography and photography, as they can be used in a variety of ways. They can capture key moments of the day – such as videoing a special moment between the bride and groom or perhaps photographing a big group of guests from above. Drone filming can look so spectacular, because the footage can really reveal the grandeur of a wedding venue and its surroundings.

Wedding drone

Image credit: Drone Safe Register

Is it expensive to hire a drone?

Prices vary so make sure to get a few quotes, but you should typically budget around £300 to £1000 to hire a drone operator who can also deliver an edited video. In our experience, brides and grooms usually go for this option and want a drone operator who can both capture the aerials and provide completely edited videos and photos.

Who would control the drone at the wedding?

The pilot (who operates the drone from the ground using controls) is responsible for the overall safety of the flight. Guests must not do anything to compromise that, such as distracting them during the flight. There are rules that drone operators follow to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible whilst the drone is flying.

Can I control the drone?

It’s best to leave drone flying to the professionals – after all, learning to fly a drone often takes hundreds of hours of practise. Drones aren’t toys. The controls are pretty complex and aren’t something that you can simply just pick up.

Do you have any tips for couples who are hiring a drone for their wedding?

The key thing when planning your drone wedding photography is to allow time to capture the event and carefully choose the moments when it flies. An ideal moment to capture would be between the ceremony and the reception whilst the guests are socialising. A classic drone wedding shot is to position all the guests together with the bride and groom in the centre whilst the drone ascends into the sky – everyone will appear in the frame and get smaller and smaller as the drone flies away.

Wedding drone pictures

Image credit: Blush Photography

Will the weather have to be taken into consideration?

Yes. It’s worth noting that drones can’t fly in rain or high winds. The pilot will tell you if the weather conditions are unsuitable for flying.

Are drones noisy?

Drones, vows and speeches don’t go together because of the noise that the drones make. Drones aren’t quiet because they have high powered motors which turn the propellers to produce the uplift. It’s best to talk to your drone pilot, guests and venue, so that you can arrange when the drone needs to be grounded for the important bits.

Will the photography be high quality?

Your pilot will typically be able to offer a range of cameras to suit your budget. When you go to pick a camera, you should consider your wedding budget, how much material you plan to film and how good you want your pictures or video to look. Today, wedding drone operators are using everything from GoPros to DSLR cameras. Some drones even come with built-in 4K cameras.

Wedding drone photography

Image credit: Blush Photography

Will I need to get permission from my venue to have a drone?

Yes. Your pilot will need permission from the land owner and/or venue before flying. Arranging to have a drone at a wedding requires considerable planning and preparation, so give yourself enough time to discuss the safety considerations with your pilot and the venue. However, the time and effort spent in the planning is well worth it, since nothing comes close to capturing breathtaking and unique aerial footage and photos on one of the biggest days of your life!

Drone wedding videography

Image credit: Sanbi Aerial Photography

What kind of venue would best suit drone photography and videography?

Outdoor wedding venues with lots of space make the best venues for drones, but having said that, there are many drone pilots across the UK who have the skills and experience to fly indoors.

How do I hire a safe and legal drone operator?

You must make sure that your drone operator is a safe and legal operator. By law, any drone operator who is flying for commercial gain must have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and have a valid insurance. There are many illegal drone operators who use them without CAA permission or insurance, which is a criminal offence. Our company, Drone Safe Register (DSR), is a searchable drone hire directory which only lists professional drone operators with CAA permission – so you can rest assured that you are strictly looking for legal drone operators when you go through DSR.

Aerial wedding videography

Image credit: Drone Media Imaging


Thinking of having a drone at your wedding? Head to our drone directory on hitched to browse through our listed suppliers. You can also check out the CAA’s website to familiarise yourself with their ‘drone code’.

To get an idea on cost you may want to have a look here at our price list. If what you want isn’t there than get in touch so we can discuss your needs.  

Why Should Estate Agents Use Aerial Video and Photographs?

Estate Agents – Why Use Aerial Video & Photographs?

We found this article on a US website and thought it would be good to share here so that estate agents in the UK could benefit from the article too.  

I haven’t edited it at all so you may have to translate from American to English in places.

You can read the original by clicking on the underlined link at the top of the article. It’s full of good information from how drone footage helps sell properties to how you could do it yourself.  

If you would rather not go through all of the training, licensing, capital costs and insurance etc then there are tips on how to choose someone to do it for you.

For FAA read Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the UK. The rules are a bit different in the UK so you should read my blog about this which you will be able to find here when I have written it!  If you can’t wait just drop me an email or give me a call.

If you would like to discuss using drone video and photographs in your property marketing just get in touch. 

Drone Video: What You Need to Know in 2017

January 31st, 2017

This guest blog post was written by Shaun Daggett, an FAA licensed UAS pilot based in Colorado Springs, CO.Everywhere you turn these days, drone video is a hot topic. You see drone video footage in just about everything you watch online and on TV, and marketers are now enthusiastically adopting drone video as a big part of their digital marketing campaigns. This is because we can’t stop watching when we see things from an aerial perspective.But marketing videos are just one high profile use of this emerging technology. Most people scoffed when Amazon said it would one day use drones to deliver orders, and many thought this would never happen, but ABC News recently reported that Amazon has completed its very first “Prime Air” delivery via drone.The business of drones is expected to be a multi-billion dollar industry in the next few years, and it is starting to have a major impact in some key business sectors.drone video, aerial video, drone footage, real estate video

Drone Video in Real Estate

The real estate industry is near the top of that list when it comes to businesses poised to take advantage of this emerging technology.John Tidwell, founder of DronesX, said in an interview with CMO Online “drones offer a different perspective that captures people’s attention. They allow marketers to be more creative and innovative by using angles and shots that weren’t previously practical–often at a much lower cost.”drone video, real estate video, real estate marketing, video marketing, aerial video

Drone video captivates us immediately, making it highly effective for marketers. Our minds are not accustomed to seeing images from these perspectives, so when we see drone video footage, it stops us dead in our tracks – and we watch.This undeniable fact is why marketers are so drawn to drone footage. And Realtors may be in the best position in 2017 to take advantage of the new FAA rules to sell more listing and sell them faster by using drone videos.real estate video, drone video, aerial video, drone footage, real estate listings, marketing

Example: Drone Video Helps Sell a Listing in 1 Hour

Case in point: I recently had Rick, one of my clients, use a drone video to sell a listing within just 1 hour of the first showing.Here’s what he did: As you can see from the image below, there was nothing special about this listing. As a matter of fact, it is exceedingly ordinary.drone video, aerial footage, creative video, real estate video

But this house had a hidden secret, and Rick knew if he could get buyers past this image, he could overcome the less than stellar curb appeal. The hidden secret was that the house has an amazing back yard, and across the street were an elementary school and a big, beautiful city park.He put the listing in the MLS system with only one image, and a link to the drone video below (you can’t upload video to the MLS system just yet, but you can put a link).You can see that the drone video highlighted these hidden features. And by not putting additional images in the MLS system, he got potential buyers to see the drone video first.He made the listing visible in the MLS system on a Friday evening, letting other agents know it would not be officially listed until Sunday at 2PM. More than 180 agents sent this listing to their buyers by noon the next day. And by Sunday, 18 people expressed interest in the property. Rick scheduled the first showing for 2pm Sunday and by 3pm, he had an acceptable offer and the house was sold.Here is the drone video he posted:As you can see, drone footage of an ordinary home can make it look extraordinary, and this is why so many real estate agents are moving in this direction.Ricks results are not very typical; in all fairness, I have never had any other clients sell a house in 1 hour with a video I shot for them. But my clients often share with me that the drone videos have a significant impact on how much interest they receive in a listing.Even though this example isn’t typical, it clearly illustrates the potential drone video has to show off a listing in a way still images just can’t.

Drone Video: You Can Now Do It For Yourself

One of the amazing things that happened when the FAA revised the drone laws in the fall of 2016 was they allowed anyone over the age of 16 to legally operate a drone for commercial purposes.To legally take drone footage for business use, you have to posses an FAA UAS Pilots License under Part 107 of the new rules, but there are no restrictions as to who can get this new License. Prior to this new Part 107 rule, you would have needed a “Section 333 Waiver” – and that was only available to existing licensed pilots (and took 6 to 12 months to get).drone video, real estate marketing, real estate video, aerial footage, aerial videoWithout getting too deep into the (super boring) regulations, this new Part 107 rule from the FAA replaces the Section 333 Waiver and makes it possible for anyone over the age of 16 to legally fly a drone for commercial purposes. The only caveat is that you must take an Airman Knowledge Test at an approved testing facility, and submit your test results to the FAA and apply for your Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Pilots License.

Once you have completed that important step, you are legal to fly!If you’re thinking about getting your UAS Pilots License and shooting your own videos, here 5 helpful tips for creating compelling listing videos:

1. Practice, Practice, Practice
As a UAS Pilot myself I have flown many missions, and real estate flights are one of the most challenging. This is because it’s what I consider “tight flying” with several obstacles and hazards. I highly recommend you spend many hours practicing before you fly over a property that you don’t own.

2. Keep Your Videos Under 1 Minute
When you consider the millions of dollars that large, multinational corporations spend to keep your attention for 30 seconds during a TV commercial, it’s evident that it’s hard to hold peoples attention for any length of time. So be sure you don’t create videos that exceed our ever-shortening attention spans.

3. Shoot In Lower Resolution
Drones of today can shoot in 4K “Ultra High Def” and those files are huge. If you aren’t going to use your videos in a TV commercial or an IMAX movie, there’s no need to shoot higher than 2.7K. You will be restricted on the file size of the video you upload to most sites as well, so here is no need to create ultra high def videos.

4. License Music To Go With Your Video
If you watch the video above with the volume turned down, you will immediately understand this tip. But you can’t just use your favorite Garth Brooks music, you need to use royalty free music (search YouTube, there is a lot out there) or license it from a reputable source.

5. Follow the Rules
Be sure that you’re aware of, understand, and follow every federal, state, and city drone regulation. Failure to do so can put the general public at considerable risk and/or you could face some stiff fines from the FAA or local authorities.Yes, drones are very affordable these days – and the advances in their technology make flying them a breeze. But before you rush out and buy one, consider the challenges they come with, as well. Sometimes it can be easier and more efficient to hire a pro to shoot and edit drone video for you.drone video, video footage, real estate video, real estate listing, real estate marketing

Drone Video: Considering Hiring a Pilot

High-quality drones are more accessible than ever before, and it seems as though it would be easy to get one and shoot your own videos, but getting a UAS Pilots License, learning to fly, editing videos, getting insurance and so on, may not be for you. Hiring a professional drone service may be the best option.

If you prefer to hire a drone pilot to create videos for you, here are a few tips to help you find the right drone pilot for the job.My first bit of advice is to stay away from Craigslist when looking for a pro. There are so many people who got a drone for Christmas and think they can simply go out and shoot videos for realtors and make an extra buck, but 99% are not experienced, not properly licensed or insured in any way.

This can get you, your client and your broker in hot water with the FAA or even worse if an accident happens. (And accidents do happen.)Hiring a drone service is pretty straightforward, but here are a few quick tips to help you make sure you hire the right person for the job.

8 Tips for Hiring a Drone Service

1. Google search your area for reputable drone companies – stay off Craigslist.
2. Only hire an FAA UAS Licensed Pilot, and ask to see their Pilot’s License (they issue an actual card that looks similar to a drivers license).
3. Ask for proof of specific drone insurance coverage, not just general liability coverage.
4. Ask for a reference from other agents in your area.
5. Ask to see several samples of their work.
6. Be sure they specialize in real estate videos (not just still images).
7. Speak to more than one company and ask for firm quotes.
8. Ask them to check the property address to verify it isn’t in restricted air space before you have them come out to a listing.

There are a lot of very complicated regulations when it comes to the FAA and drones, and by hiring a licensed drone pilot you can expect he/she will know every single one – and fly in accordance.Licensing and insurance are the two most important factors to check when hiring anyone to shoot drone videos for you, but flying skills are also very important.You want your video to look great, so be sure the pilot you hire has some creative skills as well.

In Conclusion

Drone videos for real estate listings will become increasingly common in 2017 and in the years to come. Now is the perfect time to investigate using them for your business and getting ahead of the curve.The new FAA Part 107 rules finally allow real estate agents and brokers the ability to legally use drones to market their listings, and I highly recommend you take advantage of this new opportunity!The captivating imagery that one is able to create with drones can become a powerful tool to get your listings noticed in a crowded market, and sell it faster than you ever imagined.

A Big BombBomb Thank You to Shaun!

Thanks to Shaun Daggett for sharing these tips and insights! He’s an FAA UAS Licensed Pilot as well as a Certified Digital Marketing Professional at The Pikes Peak Guy Drone Services based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Example Drone Video Footage

Here are 3 drone video examples by Shaun.Blackforest from Shaun Daggett on Vimeo555 Pembrook High Res from Shaun Daggett on VimeoExample of Work from Shaun Daggett on Vimeo