Roof Inspection

There are a few ways you can carry out a roof inspection, using a drone is the obvious one but if you don’t like drones you could use a cherry picker to inspect your roof, chimneys and out of reach places. Cherry pickers are much cheaper than scaffolding.

Here’s a price list for your information. 

Unless you have an IPAF 1b (you would know if you did) then you’ll need to look at the operated prices. I’m not sure if the guys operating the machine will take pictures for you or if you will go up with them and take your own pictures.

You will have to make sure you have somewhere to park it beside the building and be prepared to move it along the building at regular intervals.

Alternatively, we could come along, fly a state of the art drone to do an inspection while you enjoy a coffee in the warm. When we’re done we will provide you with the high definition video and images of your building. 

If you need a bit more than just images and video and would like a full, qualified surveyor’s report we can arrange that too.

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